Workplace Violence Lunch Talk in Kenya

Welcome to an essential Lunch Talk addressing the pressing issue of workplace violence in Kenya. In today’s professional landscape, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is paramount. Join us as we delve into the complexities of workplace violence, exploring its various forms, root causes, and strategies for prevention and intervention.

During this Lunch Talk, we will navigate through the dynamics of workplace violence, shedding light on its detrimental effects on individuals, teams, and organizational culture. Through insightful discussions and practical insights, we’ll empower attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to recognize, respond to, and mitigate the risk of violence in their workplaces. Let’s come together to foster environments where every individual feels safe, respected, and supported, ensuring a more secure and productive work environment for all.

Talk Objectives:

  1. Enhance Awareness:
    Increase participants’ understanding of the different forms of workplace violence, including physical, verbal, and psychological aggression.
  2. Identify Risk Factors:
    Educate attendees about the common risk factors and warning signs associated with workplace violence, such as conflicts, substance abuse, and untreated mental health issues.
  3. Understand Legal Obligations:
    Clarify the legal obligations of employers and employees in preventing and addressing workplace violence under Kenyan labour laws.
  4. Develop Response Protocols:
    Assist organisations in developing and implementing effective response protocols for managing incidents of workplace violence, including reporting procedures and emergency response plans.
  5. Train Employees:
    Provide employees with training on conflict resolution, de-escalation techniques, and personal safety measures to empower them to respond appropriately to potential violent situations.
  6. Support Victims:
    Outline strategies for supporting victims of workplace violence, including access to counselling, legal assistance, and other support services.
  7. Address Cultural Factors:
    Discuss how organisational culture, communication patterns, and power dynamics can contribute to or mitigate the risk of workplace violence.
  8. Promote Respectful Workplaces:
    Foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and open communication within organisations to prevent conflicts and reduce the likelihood of violence.
  9. Collaborate with Authorities:
    Highlight the importance of collaboration with law enforcement agencies and other relevant authorities in investigating and addressing cases of workplace violence.
  10. Commit to Continuous Improvement:
    Encourage organisations to regularly review and update their workplace violence prevention strategies and protocols to adapt to changing circumstances and emerging threats.

Together, let’s take a proactive stance against workplace violence and foster safer, more secure work environments for all. Join us in this crucial conversation by signing up for our Workplace Violence Lunch Talk today. By participating, you’ll gain invaluable insights and practical strategies to protect yourself and your colleagues from the devastating impact of workplace violence.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference. Reserve your spot now and become part of the movement to create workplaces where everyone can thrive free from the threat of violence. Together, we can build a safer and more resilient workforce for a brighter future.

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